Pine, Fir, and Hardwood Flooring.

1 x 4 Clear Vertical Grain
This square edged flooring offers a formal look with the dimensional stability suitable for in-floor heat applications. Stability is achieved through the vertical grain orientation. The mix of Larch and
Douglas Fir offers a variation in complementary red and brown hues sure to accent any living area.
This product is 3/4” thick, end matched and ranges in length from two to eight feet with 3-1/8” face

1 x 6” Southern Yellow Pine
Southern yellow pine is well suited for use in flooring because it is harder than most other species of pine. All pieces are milled to a 5” width.  Lengths of individual pieces will range from sixteen inches to eight feet in length. This product is end matched.

1 x 6 Tight Knot Doug-Fir/Larch
When finished clear this character grade Fir/Larch will possess a beautiful light red and honey color.
The tight knots offer a more rustic appearance than the vertical grain with the same natural elegance.
This 3/4” thick, square edged profile is end matched ranging in length from two to eight feet with face coverage of 5-1/8”.

Circle Sawn Fir
We also offer the 1 x 6 Tight Knot Fir in a more distinctly rugged style called circle sawn. This rough sawn appearance can be partially sanded after installation to suit individual taste. An impressively unique floor!

2-1/4” Strip Flooring
This is the industry standard. All pieces are 2-1/4” wide and end matched. Pieces will range in length from one to eight feet. Packaged in bundles containing enough material to cover 19 square feet.

1 x 12” Knotty White Pine Flooring
Wide plank knotty white pine flooring is a favorite in cabins and other rustic settings. It provides a
vintage appearance with numerous installation options. All pieces are milled to a 10-7/8” width. This product is not end matched.

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